The Jewish Center in Bad Homburg, affiliated with the Jewish Community of Frankfurt, was founded in 2011.  The main financial assistance in the repair of the synagogue building in Bad Homburg and the adjacent site, the acquisition of new furnishings and the necessary attributes for the synagogue was provided by the chairman of the Jewish community of the city, Yevgeny Sternberg, and his wife Natalia.  The Jewish Center in Bad Homburg is one of the religious and spiritual centers of Jewish community life in the Hochtaunuskreis. The main goal of the Jewish center is the creation and preservation of Jewish traditions, as well as the creation of comfortable living conditions for the Jewish population. There are over 500 people in our community. You can hold the daily morning prayer “Shacharit”, celebrate Saturday traditionally and celebrate all Jewish holidays right in the center in the Jewish circle.  The Jewish Center in Bad Homburg successfully implements a number of programs and projects.

Jews come to the Jewish Center in Bad Homburg in order to feel the whole spirit of unity with God, to continue and exalt the traditions of the Jewish people, thereby making the life of a modern Jew not only calm, but, as a result, happy.